Urban myths and information about. the Intra-Uterine Unit (IUD)

This site ended up being initially posted in 2012 and it has because been updated.

Myth: Abortion

Some partners usually do not desire to utilize the IUD since they wrongly genuinely believe that the IUD stops maternity by causing abortions.

Reality: IUDs usually do not work by causing abortions

When you look at the great majority of cases, IUDs work by preventing fertilization. The copper-bearing IUD acts as a spermicide, killing or sperm that is impairing they can’t achieve the egg. IUDs which contain progestin cause the cervical mucus to thicken, which prevents semen from going into the womb. Therefore, the present proof indicates that the key mechanisms of action of IUDs happen just before fertilization. In extremely unusual instance, IUDs counter implantation which will be considered a contraceptive maybe not an effect that is abortifacient.

Myth: Effectiveness

Some females usually do not desire to make use of the IUD since they improperly think that the IUD isn’t effective in preventing pregnancy or that the IUD loses its contraceptive impact after just a couple of years through the period of insertion.

Reality: IUDs would be the a lot more than 99% effective!

Both the hormonal and copper-bearing IUDs are impressive contraceptive practices. In reality, they have been one of the most effective methods that are reversible with maternity prices just like those for feminine sterilization.

Hormonal levonorgestrel-releasing IUD (LNG-IUD): not as much as 1 maternity per 100 ladies utilising the LNG-IUD throughout the year that is first2 per 1,000 ladies). Click here to read more »