Internet Experience Auburn Fan Mark Skiba Just Misses with 500-1 Shot

Woulda, coulda, shoulda but did not: the ticket that could have brought Auburn fan Mark Skiba $50K if it had hit.

The Auburn Tigers nearly pulled down one of many most not likely championships that are national the history of college football this week. But for starters man with a payday that is massive the line, ‘almost’ simply had beenn’t close enough.

Mark Skiba is now something of an Internet phenom, he had that would pay out, should Auburn win the BCS Championship after he posted a picture of the $100, 500-1 betting slip. The bet was put by his dad during a vacation to Las Vegas January that is last few offered Auburn any possibility at as an elite team in the Southeastern Conference (SEC), let alone among the top squads in the nation.

Auburn Devotee Through and Through

But Skiba an Auburn alumnus and a big fan of the group held to the ticket even after the Tigers lost a early season clash with LSU a loss that should have ended whatever faint hopes they had of finding themselves within the title game.

Then, miracles started to happen. Auburn starting game that is winning game, eventually finding themselves ranked in the top 25 teams in college football. a tipped ball in the final minute led Auburn past Georgia 43-38. A week later, Auburn beat undefeated Alabama the title that is national at that point by coming back a lengthy Alabama field goal attempt in the final second of legislati Click here to read more »