Nepali Bride – Note we am perhaps perhaps not a professional on this topic or Nepali culture.

i do want to know what Nepalis realize about this tradition of brides to their wedding time when I don’t know a whole lot about any of it.

In just about every culture, weddings are joyous festivities for the family and couple.

A several years back, though, I had a discussion with some Nepali friends and Rabindra about Nepalese weddings.

Most Nepalis have told me that after a lady is hitched in Nepal, it is perhaps not advantageous to the bride to check delighted or be smiling etc in addition they must be looking right down to the bottom plenty, perhaps perhaps not making much attention contact.

Demonstrably it is not the full instance in most weddings in Nepal however it’s interesting because I’ve heard this description from numerous Nepalis, both through the town and through the city.

My first thought was “oh my, this will be shocking” then secondly I thought this should be a forced wedding of some sort which this woman is clearly distressed about because clearly every bride should really be delighted on her behalf wedding day ?? Click here to read more »